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Such Days Are Rare

Such days are rare. Valuable moments span days providing memories to last a lifetime. Vast swathes of emotional outpourings reverberate between two souls, but rather than decimation there is a unification of understanding; a solidification of solace. I didn’t expect to move from fear through sadness to anger and comfort in such a narrow space of time, the process left me reeling, but once more only for a limited period. Does this signify maturity?

And giving; whether in, up, or simply by itself, is another way of getting what is wanted, nay needed, to feel safe when trust is thin on the ground like a fine frost in November. And yet this seemingly natural exchange feels like the tossing of a fine electrical current in a shallow pool of scalding water when in motion.

Friendship comes in many guises, but the bonds that develop between two entities to form companionship are amongst the most precious, and certainly feel sacred and worth protecting. At all costs?