By The People For The People?

Isn’t it funny that we get so riled up about politicians? I was living in the states during the 2000 elections and was lucky enough to be involved with a Gore digital campaign managed by Oprah Winfrey. During a conversation with some of their team, one of whom was Clinton’s impeachment lawyer, i made a comment that was applauded; it was this; anybody who WANTS to be involved in politics shouldn’t be…because democracy is lost when you campaign for votes.

Politicians are mainly one and the same whatever flag they wave or party they represent, they are playing an elaborate game of risk, monopoly, battleship and boggle with the world, the rules of which are far more complex than I can imagine. How one makes the kinds of decisions that are made in the corridors of power are beyond me. Just think how hard it is to balance your bank balance, your relationship, your health and your job without the added worry of whether you think it’s right to send more troops into a country whose people are massacring their own women every day in the most brutal and horrific ways.

Those who have such vehement views about politics should get more involved with advocacy, charitable aid and perhaps the deliverance of a promise for something better than what is on offer. We need a sense of optimism to make real change, I don’t mean to sound like a hippy but the negativity doesn’t help a troubled cause

Obama does offer the USA and maybe a small portion of the world, a chance for a difference whether real or perceived. There will be change due to the psychological shift that America is experiencing right now. I’ve spoken to a good many democrats (and republicans) over the past few days with varied interest in politics and they are all excited about potential for the first time in years. They are also relieved that they may be seen as decent people again by the rest of the world, rather than being represented by the outgoing shrub.

In 2000 the republican half of the country was celebrating, now the other half are getting their voice heard. This is going to make some of the more liberal thinkers in the states happier and therefore more inclined to move forward and make change of their own.

The shift was minimal towards the democrats but with a wider gap than the 2004 election, and perhaps this is what we should be offering consideration to. More people voted than ever before, which in itself is of huge importance. It means that folks over there are paying attention, something us pompous Brits have been lambasting them for since they voted Bush in for a second term.

For sure we’ve never really thought that they knew what they were doing but since Iraq and the second term Uncle Sam has really had his public image screwed up by the poor deliverance of policy. Because the same things were likely to have happened under a democratic presidency; they would just likely have been communicated with more eloquence.

As for how Barack’s placement in the Whitehouse as a black man will affect racism; who can tell, the world is horribly racist and it’s not really about skin colour but culture. But he is black, doesn’t matter if his mom was white, I am sure he will consider himself black, oh and he isn’t descended from slaves, moreover his genealogy suggests he is descended from slave owners!!

I just think we have to sometimes look at the broader picture to see why we behave the way we do. And as a matter of amusement…I took a crap in John Nott’s loo a few years back. He had press cuttings about himself framed in the bog.

(written 2008)



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